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Liqui Moly Lenkgetriebe-Öl 3100 1L (1145)

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Lieferzeit: 3 Tag(e)
Bei Bestellung bis: 13:30
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MSRP 10.79 EUR
9.99 EUR
9.99 EUR per 1 l
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In accordance with Germanys waste oil legislation we are required to accept used engine oils, gear oils, oil filters and oil-related waste regularly resulting from oil changes free of charge. You can return waste oil corresponding to the quantity of fresh oil purchased from us.

Our point of acceptance is: 

Lott Autoteile
Werner Lott Kfz- und Industriebedarf GmbH
Sollinger Oberhütte 4-6
37170 Uslar

You can hand in your used oil at our point of acceptance during the opening hours (on working days, from Mondays to Fridays between 9.00 and 13.00 and also between 14.30 and 18.00). 
Alternatively, you can send the used oil to our point of acceptance as well. In this case, please ensure a suitable transport packaging and a sufficient franking. 

Please note special shipment conditions for used oil and oil-related waste. Moreover we would like to point out that our point of acceptance has got a facility to perform an oil-change professionally. 

If you are a commercial user we would also like to note that we are allowed to use the service of third parties to fulfill our obligations of acceptance.​


Bestellt und 24 Stunden später bekommen, was will man mehr. Keine Schwierigkeiten beim Einbau. Qualität gut

Markus Düwel
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