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Guidelines on the disposal of used batteries

The following guidelines are for those who use batteries or products containing integrated batteries and do not intend to re-sell them in the format in which they have been supplied (end users):

1. Taking back batteries free of charge

Batteries may not be disposed of as part of domestic waste. You are legally obliged to return used batteries to ensure that they will be disposed of correctly. You can hand in used batteries at a local collection point or to a local trader. As distributers of batteries, we too are obliged to take back used batteries free of charge, but our take-back obligation relating to used batteries is restricted to the type of batteries that we supply or have supplied as part of our range of new batteries. This means you can either return the above form of used batteries to us, whilst ensuring you have paid for sufficient postage, or you can hand them in directly at our dispatch warehouse at the following address, free of charge:

Werner Lott Kfz- und Industriebedarf GmbH
Managing Directors: Carsten Lott, Alexander Lott
Sollinger Oberhütte 6
37170 Uslar

2. Meaning of the symbols on batteries

Batteries are labelled with a crossed-out dustbin symbol (see below). This symbol means that batteries may not be disposed of as part of domestic waste. Batteries containing more than 0.0005 per cent of mercury, more than 0.002 per cent of cadmium, or more than 0.004 per cent of lead will also display the chemical name for the relevant pollutant used below the dustbin symbol – in other words, “Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” stands for lead and “Hg” stands for mercury.


3. Starter batteries
The following special conditions apply when selling starter batteries: According to Section 10 of the German Batteries Act (BattG), the vendor is required to charge end users a EUR 7.50 deposit, including VAT, if they do not return a used starter battery to the vendor when purchasing a new starter battery.  

his deposit is included in the purchase price.

This deposit will ONLY be refunded if you hand in a used vehicle battery to us directly. It is possible to return your used vehicle battery to us. However, this cannot usually be sent by post or using a parcel service, because this would involve handling hazardous materials. The deposit will not be refunded if you dispose of the batteries via a third party. Alternatively, you can dispose of the used battery free of charge at your local recycling centres or recycling yards.

* All prices include VAT plus shipping costs and possibly cash on delivery fee unless otherwise stated